What's The Hype About? Our 24k Gold Collagen Mask

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What's The Hype About? Our 24k Gold Collagen Mask

Touted health and beauty benefits of gold

Various cultures have used gold as a cosmetic ingredient since ancient times, including the Romans, Egyptians, and Japanese. It was used as a makeup, applied topically or taken orally for medicinal purposes. Even the famous empress Cleopatra supposedly slept in a gold face mask to preserve her already lovely looks.

While it’s been used for thousands of years, for approximately the last 15 years, gold has experienced a resurgence in cosmetic and medical products, as claims about its benefits have grown.

Gold is purported to achieve the following:

  • reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and spots
  • stimulate skin cells
  • Prevent premature kin aging
  • decrease puffiness
  • treat sun damage, allergies, and inflammation

According to proponents of gold cosmetic products, the precious metal achieves these effects by maintaining collagen in the skin, inhibiting the breakdown of elastin, and improving blood circulation. Modern-day beauty queens such as Victoria’s Secret Angels swear by 24k gold masks as part of their beauty regimen.

Using a gold mask

Gold masks are available in two formats: a cream-based mask and a sheet mask. Make sure your face is clean and free of makeup before using either.

The cream formulation is usually infused with gold nanoparticles and can be applied just like any other facial mask.

Spread the product across the face until the skin is completely covered (but not so much that the product drips), leave on for a set amount of time according to the package directions, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

The sheet mask is a little bit trickier to apply. For one such type of product, you will apply a serum directly to your face and then pat the gold sheet(s) onto the serum. Another type of gold sheet mask is sealed in individual packages, “marinating” in the serum and ready to use.

Simply open the package, remove the sheet mask, and apply it to your face for the instructed length of time, then rinse thoroughly.


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